Add Top-of-the-Line Mulch or Compost to Your Landscape in Bastrop, Elgin, San Marcos, Austin or surrounding TX areas

Choose some of the best mulch & compost in central Texas

Your grass, flowers and trees all need nutrients to grow healthy. Unfortunately, you can't truly nourish your plants without high-quality mulch or compost from a specialized mulch supplier.

Lone Star Mulch and Compost LLC has been making and supplying mulch for more than 25 years in Elgin, TX and servicing Bastrop, San Marcos, Austin and central Texas. We're also an organic compost supplier with several types of compost for sale.

Why come to Lone Star Mulch and Compost?

When you come to our local compost and mulch supplier, you won't find yourself working with inexperienced employees. You'll get one-on-one service from a professional who's earned lifelong clients.

Our mulch and compost for sale are excellent ground coverings for :

  • Your home
  • Your commercial property
  • Your client's property

If you know precisely what you need, we'll supply it. If you're not sure what to pick, we'll gladly talk it over with you. Call 512-285-3970 to talk to a local professional now.

Your landscaping company, farm or other business can build a great partnership with our compost and mulch supplier. We're proud to provide compost and mulch that can help other local professionals succeed. Contact us about excellent materials for your business today.